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Monday, March 06, 2006


A tight fitting strapless garment with boning that is designed to give a woman an hour glass shape by pulling in the waist and lift the breasts giving the image of more cleavage. Often have lacing up the front and/or back as well as garters for stockings.

by Coquette
Colours: Black/Pink or Black/Black
Sizes: Small, Medium or Large

Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Chemise: A short gown, with thin straps that hangs loosely from the shoulders over the body, clinging slightly to the hips and bum. Can be worn with a g-string or panty or not. Suits any figure making it a very popular choice.

Satin Chemise - $63.00
by Sensual Mystique
Colour: Pink
Sizes: Small/Medium, Medium/Large or X-Large

Friday, February 24, 2006

Demi/Shelf Bra

A Demi Cup/Shelf Bra is a bra that comes across the breast below the nipple so to expose it. The bra usually has underwire to give support and lift the breast to give added cleavage.

by Coquette
Colours: Red/Black or Pink/Black
Size: Small, Medium or Large

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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

New Line of Lingerie!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Dreamgirl Lingerie Now Available at Risque Lingerie Online

We are happy to announce that we are now selling Dreamgirl's fantastic range of sexy lingerie. There are great styles and colours available that are sure to please! Above just a few examples.

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Monday, January 09, 2006

St Valentines Day - Buying a Great Gift for Her

I know you've barely recovered from Christmas.... and here I am talking about Valentines Day which is only weeks away on the 14th February!
Many guys may be thinking 'I just made it through the horrors of buying a gift for my other half that she would love for Christmas and now you're telling me I have to do it again and so soon?'

Well guys my husband knows where you are coming from. His trying to find the perfect present for me for any occasion is the near end of both of us. He tries very hard as I am sure you all do but so often he gets it wrong. Why?

Firstly to be fair I think many women (myself included) have this romantic notion that if you just know what we want without us having to say straight out that this will mean that some how we are highly intuned as a couple but off course it doesn't work this way because you can't read our minds. However to be fair to us women I have told my husband "I want that green dress in size 12 for my birthday" and shown him said dress in the shop and then left him to purchase it in my absense only to end up with bath towels on my birthday. What is the go with that?

Secondly I think too many of guys out there think too much along the lines of what will be practical (hence the bath towels rather than the great dress!) rather than what she will like or better still, what she will love. So yes guys it may be that iron is needed for the house and by all means buy one but not as a gift for her.

Thirdly I think that too many guys feel unsure and somewhat uncertain about trying their own instincts when it comes to buying a gift for their partner. I've lost count on how many times my husband has told me what he thought of getting me that I would've loved but chickened out because he was worried he wouldn't get it exactly right. He tells me that this is because he has no expectations about me loving a kitchen appliance but if he puts his heart into something he thinks I will love and then if I don't his ego will shatter into a million pieces. It is really sweet that our opinions mean so much guys but the gift shouldn't be about protecting your feelings (or ego) it should be about making her feel special so take a risk and I assure you that more often than not she will appreciate you for it.

Guys you won't get it right 100% of the time but if you:
1. Pay attention to what hints she gives you (subtle and not-so-subtle)
2. Personalise the gift ie what are her likes, her hobbies, her tastes - something for her and not the house; and
3. Put some faith in your own ideas as to what she will love

most of the time you will come out on top!

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